It is very simple: we don't need any logins or passwords or any personal info. Just complete your order in our order form and finalize it and we will set that up for you.
Sure thing. The easiest thing to do is to reply to the confirmation email that we send out. You can also use our contact form any time.
Nope. Never. We do not advertise your use of our service and we take your privacy very seriously. This service is professionally run and is designed for agencies and individuals to promote their page or that of their own clients discretely. There is no way for anybody else to find out that you have used our service.
Nope. Never. We will never ask you for this kind of personal information and you should quickly run away from anybody who would ask you for this kind of information because it's not needed to advertise your business.
When we receive your order, we'll process that and set it up for you and you should receive a confirmation email usually within a few hours.
Sometimes it's a bit slower or faster, but it usually takes about 1-3 days for our service to take effect.
Yes. As long as there's a like button there so we can keep track of our work we can help you out. You can use our service for a photo, status update, or website for example.
Of course, we use Bitcoin for payments. You can get Bitcoins by buying them through numerous exchanges using nearly every payment method available from many third parties.
Sorry, our policy dictates that each order applies to just 1 specific URL. You can purchase multiple times and may be eligible for discounts and bonuses though. Please contact us for details.
Unlike other low quality marketing firms, we don't use bots. Our service sends out invites to active members of groups and related pages until we get you all of your likes.
Social proof is a big advantage. We all subconsciously judge pages based on activity and like count. Our service helps give you an extra leg up and gets you in front of more people. This benefits you in many ways from ranking you more towards the top of searches and increases your EdgeRank and Newsfeed placement.
We're in Baltimore, Maryland within walking distance of Camden Yards. And yes, our customer service is located here. We don't outsource help to the some low-cost foreign service like other companies do. Other companies provide bargain basement support outsourced to foreigners that barely speak English. We pride ourselves on our customer service, keep jobs at home, and speak English.
Yes, yes, and yes! For example, we use Bitcoin and never have access to your personal payment info. It is high quality and safe. And it is discrete as we don't tell the world who our customers are. Large marketing firms trust us to handle their own valuable clients because of this and we take your privacy very seriously.
This is available for free with every purchase. This means that we customize the audience to your page based on a number of inputs: such as description about your page and desired audience that you provide to us when you order (you can send that through email or our contact form), your existing fan base, and also your page type and posts.
You receive a guaranteed number of likes/followers/views and our service doesn't stop until we help you exceed the total number that you order. We also provide perpetual support and are always here to help answer any questions.
Sorry, we don't offer free likes or added coupons. However, we do have special programs in place to provide extra bonuses and discounts to frequent customers such as an interactive agency or ad firm that wants to use us frequently on behalf of multiple customers. Please contact us for details.
Yes, we provide an awesome service and are trying to get even awesomer. We'd love for you to contact us about joining the squad if you're confident in your abilities and think that you've got what it takes to help take our service to the next level.
No, we don't provide that kind of service. Our service is a high-quality marketing service that helps put your page in front of a larger audience.
We are located in Baltimore and the US is our biggest market, but we also have a strong focus on other English speaking countries like Australia, Canada, and the UK. However, we provide free targeting with every package and can help you gain likes for a page in any country you're interested in.
Pretty much, though we reserve the right to refuse service for a page that promotes hate or any illegal or unacceptable activity.
Sure thing. Please contact us day or night at our contact form and we'll help you with (almost) anything that you need.