Welcome and thank you for checking us out! Our goal is to help our clients succeed. LikesBlast is a high-quality social media marketing firm that doesn't operate in a cookie-cutter fashion like many others. Each order is individually setup and customized for the highest quality results, period. We provide free targeting, 24/7/365 customer service, and offer many different kinds of social media marketing services in a safe and private fashion.

Social Media Marketing Services

LikesBlast.com offers a wide array of social media services that makes us the perfect one-stop-shop. Some of these services include:

  • Facebook Likes: Get more likes on your business, organization, or band page. Also works great for status updates and photos.
  • Instagram Followers: Get your photos in front of a larger audience on Instagram and gain more influence.
  • Twitter Followers: Put your page in front of more people. That leads to a larger audience, more traffic, and more impact.
  • YouTube Views: Give your video a better chance of going viral. Our high quality service puts it in front of a quality audience that leads to more views.
  • Instagram Likes: Have a kickass photo you want to get in front of a bigger audience? This is perfect for that.

Customer Support

We offer quality resources such as our Social Media FAQs that should guide you through our service and quickly answer any questions. But we know that we can't perfectly anticipate every question that might be asked. That's why we invest so much effort in providing 24/7 customer service. Please contact us anytime, even before sunrise or after sunset, and we'll do our best to quickly help you out with (almost) anything that you need. Thanks again for checking us out.

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